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Your company grows when your people do.


Eliminate frustrations and put an Operating System in place that focuses on healthy teamwork and operational growth. Teams become more resilient, engaged, and achieve lasting organizational transformation.  


Belonging starts at the core of your business, within your teams. Create trust-based teams who act as responsible allies that grow together. Build a healthy culture where every manager is a role model and every employee feels like they belong.


Our Coaches help your people identify their strengths, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential. The results? A high performing workforce ready to tackle whatever comes their way.


Smart organizations are good at decision and operational sciences like strategy, marketing, finance, and technology, all of which are critical. Healthy organizations create the kind of cultures that take advantage of being smart. They minimize the poisons of politics and confusion, and raise morale and productivity, all  while reducing turnover among their best employees. To be a great company you must be both healthy and smart.

Ajito exists to help organizations eliminate frustrations and bring clarity out of the chaos. We want you to get what you want from your business and have fun while you're doing it. Our hope is that we help create a future where healthy, successful companies outnumber those that aren't. Everything we do is practical, and rooted in what's best for the people first. We believe that by helping people live more meaningful, vibrant lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion we can help companies achieve their vision and make the world a better place to live.



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With Ajito’s expert guidance, we created a strategy and executed it. Each of our executive team has worked with an Ajito coach over the past year as our revenue has grown 4x, our client list and number of employees has grown 3x, and we established new offices in Australia and Paris.


For our team, having ready guidance, training, and coaching from the Ajito team has been vital to our success!

Philip Samuelraj - Founder

Techjays - A Software Solutions Company

Dora Bridges

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