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We believe that in order for organizations to succeed, the teams that they employ must be healthy. No matter how good you are at strategy, technology, or operations, if you don't have healthy teams you won't reach your company's vision. We start with helping teams build a healthy culture that is open and honest by working on Trust.

Healthy teams minimize the poisons of politics and confusion, and raise morale and productivity, all while reducing turnover among your best employees. We teach you how to achieve this and watch your teams grow and work better together.

Let us apply our rich experiences leading and growing  companies through rapid growth, M&A, and operational rescue to help you reach your company's potential.

Meet Our People

Jesse Headshot 3.jpg


Co-Founder and Chief Problem Solver

Jesse has been building enterprise software and engineering teams for 25 years, and is a respected executive, author, speaker, and coach. He  developed the first data access for Java, and served as an expert and innovator on industry data standards during the birth of Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI. As a member of the Office of the CTO at Progress, Jesse led the global Patent assessment team and M&A activities for the DataDirect Division.


After leading a global engineering team (150+) as VP of R&D at Progress, Jesse “crossed the divide” onto the business side by serving as Chief Operating Officer at Devada; leading the company to triple its revenue and double its enterprise value followed by a successful exit to private equity in 2017.


A highly engaging speaker and coach, Jesse speaks at several conferences each year and loves training teams and individuals to grow and achieve their full potential. Jesse is currently serving on the board for DeveloperWeek Global Conferences on the Innvoation Committee. 

Chris Headshot3.jpg


Co-Founder and Chief Helper

For 25+ years, Chris has been an award winning engineering, operations and PMO leader at blue chip technology firms such as Google (Citizenship Award) and Verizon (Telecom Leadership Award, Verizon Excellence Award). He has significant experience successfully building and leading large PMO’s ($2B+, & 100k+ projects/ year), and large portfolio’s ($1.6B / year).


Chris is passionate about building great Agile teams by being of service to others and creating a winning culture. His accomplishments include successfully building and leading the SE USA Google Fiber deployment in 4 markets, building and leading the Verizon national PMO, and leading three successful Agile software development transformations. Sought after featured speaker with over 10 engagements including PMI and Business Analyst yearly conventions.


At the end of the day, Chris is most passionate about helping individuals grow and find their passion and best outcomes.

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